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Boat - Eco-Friendly + Cruelty Free + Living Wool

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Vegetarian sheep wool pieces are sustainable, eco-friendly & of exceptional quality. 

Living wool (vegetarian sheepskin) is simply the haircut of a special sheep. The sheep is humanely & kindly sheared once a year. Then the sheep's woolen haircut is lovingly curated to produce an art piece of excellence & superior quality to traditional hide backed sheepskin.

And the best part is...the sheep who grew the wool is still running amok living their very best sheep life! Absolutely no sheeps were harmed in the making of this product.

The ewe that helped craft this living wool piece is named Boat. One of our foundation ewes, Boat has stayed gorgeous well into her senior years. If you look closely at this piece, you'll find hints of gray spots from her younger days. The length & crimp in her wool makes for an exceptionally unique & durable rug. This piece would make an excellent runner rug, coach adornment or extravagent shawl. 

Boat's living wool piece measures - 60"x20"

+ Created in tandem with a Navajo-churro sheep.

+ Crafted to last a lifetime.

This unique wool piece is one-of-a-kind.

+ Cruelty-free

100% of our proceeds support animal rescue efforts.